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Reiki Master, Teacher/Intuitive/Psychic/Angel Reader/Medium/
Spiritual Counselor/Empath/Psychometry/Past Life Regressionist/Etc.

Welcome to my practice. . .

As your Spiritual Practitioner I utilize a variety of techniques to help Balance and Enlighten every level of your being.  


~ Would you like be aware of messages from your Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides that will

   help aid in and possibly change your life?

~ Do you want the most pure and possible powerful healing aid/alternative to drugs?

~ Are you curious about tapping into your past lives to find out who you were, and maybe even

  eliminate repetitive habits brought into this life inhibiting your success?

~ And MUCH more. . .


Browse my many services and let’s make an appointment to uncover your path to discovery and fulfillment.


You may message me here.

I look forward to hearing from you.

As with all Holistic and Metaphysical - Disclaimer- All my services are for entertainment purposes only and not for diagnosis or treatment. Please see licensed psychologist, MD, etc. for diagnosis or treatment.

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