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Reverend Deena/Angel became a Reverend because of her beautiful, warm, comforting & welcoming spirit, her loving heart & deep compassion, connection & understanding of others. She works with people of all ages including children.


She is very innately gifted as well as educated in the Metaphysical.  She has been aware of her many special gifts since the age of 4.  And has learned their profound significance many years ago through her education and experiences. She has been utilizing these gifts since that tender age to help countless others throughout her life.


Reverend Deena/Angel is certified & specializes in many aspects of the Metaphysical as a Reiki Master/Teacher, Medium, Intuitive/Psychic, Angel Reader, Empath, Dream Analyst, Past Life Regressionist, Psychometry & much more…


Reverend Deena/Angel is also certified as a Spiritual Counselor helping in aspects with and in, both Spirituality and Religion. To help understand the afterlife and also help guide, educate and aid adults and children with special gifts that have allowed them to experience spirit and “unexplained” phenomenon. She helps to aid in understanding the significance, helps to release fear and how to utilize these gifts.


She also works with Crystals and Sells her own hand crafted jewelry that she attunes and blesses for optimum efficiency for all aspects of your life.


Reverend Deena/Angel is credited with healing a multitude of physical, mental, emotional sufferings and conditions on people she has worked on.  Because of her many beautiful experiences in her practice, people often refer to her as Angel.


Reverend Deena/Angel, is known to be a wonderful catalyst for balance and performs her practice rooted in honesty, integrity and compassion.

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